GirlBoss: 4 Tips For Growing Your Audience In A Way That’s Not Gross

"Media and e-commerce expert Kiki Von Glinow dishes on how how brands can *actually* build authentic relationships with their customers and grow an audience in a meaningful way."

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Influencer Inc: Kiki Von Glinow, Gen Z Marketing Expert, On Understanding Gen Z-Ers

"In today’s episode, learn the characteristics of Gen Z and why this savvy group has such fine-tuned BS detectors.

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Digiday: Huffington Post tries newsletter-only content to woo teens

“We know that teens haven’t really made decisions about the brands they’re going to allow into their lives in a behavioral way,” said Kiki Von Glinow, Huffington Post’s director of growth and analytics. “This is about introducing them to HuffPost’s brand.”


The Style Line x Planoly: Kiki Von Glinow of The Huffington Post

"I very much like to take a user-centered approach to all of my work so at the end of the day it’s not what they should ask me but what I need to learn from them. It takes a lot of restraint not to totally bombard someone I see on the subway who’s browsing HuffPost’s app with questions about their experience."


HuffPost: Stop Sending Newsletters, Start Sending Emails

"We saw these lists grow at an exponential rate and sustain that momentum. We saw click-through rates on products that were meant to be native experiences hover around 18 percent (industry average is around 13 percent)." 

INC: 5 tips to improve your personal brand on Instagram.

"Figuring out what or who your brand is is one of the toughest but most imperative steps on your Instagram journey," Von Glinow says. "Who do you want to be and what does that representation of yourself or brand do to cultivate the audience you want?"


HuffPost: If You Want To Connect With Teens, Go Niche

"There are so many platforms and ways of communicating that they’ve chosen a persona for each ― sometimes creating multiple accounts targeting different friend groups on a single platform. Gen Zers are verticalizing themselves, and if brands want to reach them, they should adapt."


American Press Institute: Going for teens’ inboxes: 6 good questions with the Huffington Post’s director of growth and analytics Kiki Von Glinow

"While Millennials used brands as a lens through which to define their experience or amplify their personality, Gen Z relies much more heavily on personal filters … Brands are tools for Gen Z rather than mirrors."

HuffPost: When Being Truly Audience-First Means Giving Content A Back Seat

"To truly be 100 percent audience-first, we decided to invest in niche Facebook communities as appendages of the HuffPost brand. The pages wouldn’t push HuffPost content or even bear the HuffPost name."

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Digiday: Introverts only: Huffington Post tries niche Facebook-only 'communities' to lure new readres

“It’s an efficiency thing for us,” said Kiki Von Glinow, director of growth and analytics for the Huffington Post. “Why create content for an audience that you don’t have yet?”

PlanoLeaders: Kiki Von Glinow of the Huffington Post

"The internet moves so fast that we have to move even faster. Organization and communication within the team is essential."

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Adweek: Newly Redesigned and Renamed HuffPost Also Has a New Twitter Strategy

This new strategy for our @HuffPost Twitter account was really born out of two things: a continued effort to grow the footprint of our editors’ and reporters’ personal social media brands, and a desire to further close the gap between our reporters and the people their stories serve.