Having worked for HuffPost for more than six years, Kiki knows that the internet moves fast -- so she moves faster. While at HuffPost, Kiki led programming, distribution, editorial analytics, email marketing and SEO groups. She believes that a winning strategy is a user-centered, audience-first strategy stemming from smart internal organization. 

During her time at HuffPost, Kiki founded an internal experimental Labs team as well as HuffPost's fellowship program and influencer program. It was there that she became a Gen Z expert, leading a team focused on Gen Z research and acquisition. She was selected by Verizon as HuffPost's top female leader to represent the publication at the annual MAKERS women's conference.

Kiki has extended her growth strategy skills to develop her own personal brand on Instagram and has translated those learnings to her consulting working -- helping other individuals, small businesses and publishers grow their brands in a meaningful way on the platform.