Work with me

Personal brand consulting

Take your personal brand to the next level with a defined mission and an audience-first growth strategy. We'll look at the strengths of your brand and double down. We'll identify your unique goals and develop a content and distribution plan to get you there.

Media consulting


With more than 6 years of experience leading growth at one of the largest publishers in the world, let me apply the strategies and tactics that work to grow your engaged and loyal audience. We'll outline your goals and identify the strategies that ladder up to them. We'll also look at your programming and editorial organization to see if your internal process is setting you up for success. 

Small business consulting


Elevate your business through an audience-first content and distribution strategy. We'll look at the metrics that matter most and take a data-driven approach to content and distribution to create a roadmap to meet your unique goals. 

Brand ambassador

Brands that have a mission-driven relationship with their consumers are right up my alley. If you're a brand with a product that I love (and think my followers would love too), let's work together!

Content creation

Have a product that you'd like me to photograph or write copy around for your social media channels, website or email marketing? I'll create engaging, audience-first content that will perform. 

Product exposure


Looking to share your product or service with my engaged and loyal Instagram audience? I'd love to introduce my lifestyle followers @kikivonglinow to your mission-aligned brand and deliver you a performance report and takeaways to inform your next influencer collaboration.